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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.) Can we book periods other than Saturday to Saturday?

A.) We like Saturday to Saturday; as it makes best use of each week.  However we will try to accommodate your requirements and are happy to take provisional bookings whilst you settle your travel requirements.  We do also take bookings for periods of less than a week.
Q2.) What time can we enter our holiday home and what time do we have to leave?

A.) Entry time is 12 mid-day & departure is 10am.  You are always welcome to call earlier to drop cases off if you wish and depending on the availability of property we can arrange different times that may fit your plans better. If you do call early you may find the Clean Team busy at work but they usually find somewhere for you to park your case.
Q3.) We would like you to book a ferry for us, can you give us details of your discounts?

A.) We have a special arrangement with Stena Line and they sail from Holyhead or Fishguard.  Travel time from any of the arrival ports is about four & a half hours with a excellent road network to Cork.  Our offer should enable you to obtain a fare at least 10% below the keenest internet price available and with all the advantages of the flexifare level.  Changes are possible and we do not charge you any admin fee for this service, just pass the savings on to you getting your holiday off to a great start.  We like to quote you a price before any reservation is made so you can see the savings you are making.
Q4.) Are there any additional costs?

A.) We hope you will agree that our property price is very keen and we are committed to ensuring that you only pay for what you use.  We like to make your beds up prior to arrival and if you decide that is for you then we have a one off, at cost to us, laundry charge of £15.00 for the first bed and £4.00 for each bed thereafter.  This includes all your towels (not beach) etc. If you decide to bring your own linen then we will not charge you for use of towels.
Energy cost are an ever increasing problem and we now take a small contribution to what you might be expected to use (electric & oil C/H) of just £23.00 per week.  Our price is based on the domestic tariff so no meters and from our experience you will use more than we are charging you.
Q5.) Is there anything for the children to do?

A.) The area has a wealth of activities to involve children in. There are castles and gardens, stone circles, heritage centres, marine nature reserve, seal dolphin & whale watching.  After all that there are the great days out enjoying the wonderful scenery, beaches & islands 
Q6.) What about shopping?

A.) The towns and villages all have shops most of which stay open to 10.30pm so late night stocking up is no problem.  Skibbereen has a Lidl for the usual value but we suggest you do have a wander around Fields Supermarket as the very best of local produce from land and sea is on sale here.  The words Organic, Grass Fed and Fresh would be our impression and do you know, it’s great to rediscover that you really do have taste buds! 
*Please See our 'Local Attractions & Amenities' Page on each cottage page for addresses and contact details*
Q7.) What currency do they use?

A.)  The currency is the Euro (€).  All the towns have ATMs and you can obtain euros that way.  Banks will also exchange cash with some I.D e.g. passport or photo drivers licence.  We suggest you check with your bank before you go.
Q8.) What weather can I expect?

A.) Well I expect you are thinking that it’s always raining. However that is a popular misconception and not true of our little southwest corner.  Here we are kissed by the Gulf Stream providing a mini climate that is often better than other parts of the country.  Statistically, August is the wettest month but because we are so far out into the Atlantic we pick up early any Atlantic highs bringing out the sunshine.  In recent years we have seen longer settled periods in April, May, June and September
*Please click the link 'local weather' on each cottage's page to see what it is like at the moment*
Q9.) Can we take our dog?

A.) Pets are not permitted at Eden’s Edge as there seem to be an ever increasing number of allergies, however if you have a small dog that does not moult we may be able to find you another property in our group of friends and family that will accommodate you. 
Q10.) Can We Smoke in the Properties?

A.) Eden’s Edge is non-smoking due to the very strict insurance fire regulations, however there is no problem in smoking in our spacious garden and with the sun shining it is really lovely to sit outside on the provided garden furniture. 
Q11.) Can we fly and hire a car?
A.) Yes fly drive is a good option particularly for holidays of less than a week.  The local airport is Cork just 52 miles from Eden’s Edge and you can pick up a car from the arrivals lounge.  It is best to book beforehand, we can help you if necessary but if you have access to the internet look under cheap car hire cork airport for a great selection.